Full Text

What does full text mean?

A full-text database is a where the complete text of each referenced document is available for online viewing, printing, or downloading.

On Justis, a full-text document is the judgment, law report or statute. This is in contrast to indexed content, where we provide a listing of that case or statute, with metadata and links to where you can find the document itself.

We have extensive full-text databases for case law and legislation from the UK, Ireland, the Caribbean, Australia, Canada and Europe, as well as the full-text for a variety of international content.  When you search these by keyword, or phrase, Justis also searches the text of the judgment/act for results. If we have the full text available, you will see a blue paper icon on the bottom right hand corner of the result. 

You can instruct Justis to only search full-text databases. Select 'Filter Results' and tick the 'Full text only' box. This will remove anything without the little blue paper icon from your results list.