Citations & Sources

Citations & Sources

If a judgment is not available on Justis, or you need to access a specific law report, use the Citations & Sources tab. This helps you to quickly locate a document.

  1. Go to Citations & Sources. You can group results by citation or publisher.
  2. Choose from the available links. Please note, some websites are free to access but others require a subscription.
  3. Go straight to the case on the other service. If you have already signed into another service, you will not be required to sign in again, with the exception of Westlaw. To seamlessly link to Westlaw we need you to send us your sponsor code, and which version of Westlaw you subscribe to. 

You can personalise the links which appear in this section in your Settings. If you are an organisation and would like to change the parent default settings, please contact us and we will happily arrange this for you.

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