How do I find a case or Act?

The main search bar allows you to easily find a case or statute.

Search terms 

Go to the main search box. You can search by:

  1. Party name / Act title 
  2. Citation (any neutral or major citation) 
  3. Category (practice area or subject term)
  4. Common terms
  5. Abbreviations
  6. Plain text 

As you type, JustisOne will make case name and category suggestions.

The colours tell you we have recognised the type of search you have made. Blue for title, orange for citations, purple for categories, green for court, black for full text (These colours correspond to the different fields in the advanced search). Once you have run the search, the search terms will automatically change colour to indicate the type of search that has just been made.


Every case has been categorised so you can refine your search by major practice area or key term. There are a number of ways to use categories:

  1. One category: Enter the category in the search bar with/without other search terms.
  2. Two categories: Combine two or more categories in the search bar to search for cases which span more than one area.
  3. Filter by category: Use the drop down menu to select one or more top level categories which correspond to practice areas. This will update your search results. It includes cases which use the selected practice area as a primary category or subcategory.

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