Searching by Practice Area

You can search within a particular practice area on JustisOne by using our browse feature. 

Start by selecting browse from the grey panel on the left-hand side which will open up this feature. You will then see a list of broad areas of law appear. From this list, select the broad category that you are interested in, which will open a list of sub-categories for your selection. You can keep selecting new options to open a subcategory list up to nine times. Our taxonomy has over 1.7 recognised search terms so it is really easy and efficient to search for niche areas of law on JustisOne. 

Once you have reached the category that you want to search, use the orange 'find cases' button at the top of the page to make the search. You do not have to filter until there are no more options and you can go back a level at any point just by clicking back to the option that you want to select instead from a previous list. 

You can also make a category search by typing in the area of law that you are interested in, into the general search bar at the top. If it is a recognised category from within our taxonomy, it will show in the colour purple.

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