I only want to find cases in my results.

If you only want to search for case law, you can either use our browse feature or the advanced search option to do this. 

If using the browse feature, select 'browse' from the left hand side which will open a list of broad areas of law. By selecting the one of most relevance, this will open subcategories from this area of law, which again you can select from to open a further breakdown of practice areas. Our browse feature does go up to nine categories deep, but you do not have to search as narrow as this. Once you have got to the level you want to search, use the orange 'find cases' button at the top of the feature to search for results. This will search for any cases relevant to the area you have selected that also falls under your jurisdiction settings. 

You can also make a search for only cases by using the advanced search tab on the left hand side of the platform, and selecting the 'cases' tab along the top row:

Here, you can fill in the appropriate boxes with the partial information that you have as well as use any of our search operators. This is useful if you want to find a particular phrase within the full text of a case or a case from a particular year relating to a particular category of law. Again, any results will be based on your main jurisdiction settings. (Note that the tick box options on the right hand side are only available when you have that jurisdiction set in your main settings).

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