How do I filter my results?

When you make a search, you will be taken to a results page. This will only show results that match the jurisdictions you have selected in your Settings by default. To see results from other jurisdictions, you can use the 'filter results' button from the top of the results list to filter this down: exclude some of your jurisdictions using the jurisdiction option, choose to only view cases, legislation or EU content within your results or select other categories of law that you want to relate to your results. 

Results Ranking

The results show you the most important documents first, based around factors including where your terms appear within the document and how often the case has been cited, but you can change the order by clicking on the ‘Relevance’ button and selecting one of the other drop down options:

Results Profiles
Each result generated will display certain core information pertaining to that document:

The title and year that the case was heard, the top three categories of law that are relevant to the case, a link to a list of further relevant categories, the number of subsequent cases which have cited that particular result including how they treated it, the level of court that the case was heard (this can be clicked on to display all parallel citations for the case in order of authority), the flag of the jurisdiction which the case was heard in and if we have the full text of that case available on JustisOne (as signified by the blue paper icon on the bottom right hand corner). 

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