I only want to search the EU content

If you want to search only for EU content on Justis, ensure that you have turned on the European Union in the main jurisdiction settings and open up the advanced search tool on the left hand side of the platform. 

You can then fill in the boxes and make your search. 

You will notice that there are further options to break down your search on the right hand side of the boxes, these can be selected/deselected depending on what you want to search for (treaties/jurisprudence etc). You can also use the 'add field' option to add a further filter box if there is a specific reference number or date that you tend to use. If you are logged in as a personal user (email and password) then this extra field will remain on your account until further notice from yourself. If you are using the service via IP, it will remember this box for the remainder of the session but as soon as you close the browser, you will have to re-add the extra field in your next session. 

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