How do I filter by jurisdiction?

When you start a research session on JustisOne, You should first set your jurisdiction settings so that you are only searching across content that is relevant to your research. You can set your jurisdiction settings in the settings tab at the bottom left hand side of the platform. 

This information can be updated at any point through out your research session. If you are signed on as a personal user, the settings that you select will save for your next session, so you will only have to change them if you want to focus on or include another jurisdiction. 

After clicking on the 'Settings' button, you need to click on 'Jurisdictions' in the resulting side panel display:

Within this part of the service, you can select which jurisdictions you would like to see results from as a default when performing searches, viewing subsequent citing cases, or cases judicially considered within a case. You can do this by just ticking the appropriate box next to the jurisdiction(s) of interest. Multiple boxed can be ticked, if desired. You can also use the arrows at the right hand side to refine your search to a specific region within that jurisdiction. 

Once inside a case, you will see a list of citing and cited cases for the particular judgement that you are focusing on. These lists will also be based on your main jurisdiction settings, but if cases from other jurisdictions have cited/been cited within that main judgement, you will have the option to "show all jurisdictions" which will allow you to add those extra cases into the lists. The same link will then change to "show only my jurisdictions" which will take you back to just showing your own settings. 

You can also filter down your results by jurisdiction once you have made a search using the filter option shown below - simply select the corresponding box to only show cases from that area. This will only apply to the current search, so making a new search will go back to your main jurisdiction settings. 

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