Finding Legislation on JustisOne

All legislation on JustisOne is in its original, as-enacted format. Justis provides visible amendment trails and direct links to the consolidated versions of UK legislation. To view consolidated legislation, you can link directly to legislation.gov.uk or to other subscription services.

Go to ‘Citing Cases’ to see a list of cases which have interpreted an Act or particular provision. You can then click on the title of the case to open it separately. The list of ‘Amending Items’ will show you any legislation which has amended the Act that you are looking at. You can click directly onto the title to open that piece of legislation (remember it will also be the as enacted version). ‘Amended Items’ will allow you to see anything that your Act amended when it came into force (which may have been amended again since). 

This information is for the whole Act. Use the drop-down menu below the title of the Act to filter to a specific section (see below). Once you have selected the section that you are interested in, everything will update to show you the citing cases, amending and amended items for that particular section of legislation only. This will also be reflected on the right-hand side of the screen, where the legislation will update to show you just that section and our references and sources links will also take you straight to that section, so that you do not have to scroll through or search again on another platform. 

You can also filter the Citing Cases using the sort menu, or type directly into the filter box. This is particularly useful if you are interested in only one jurisdiction, as we will show you any cases we know of that have cited your legislation. If you filter by jurisdiction, for example, you can focus on only UK cases which have cited this UK Act. 

How can I search for all statutes passed in a particular year?

To search for statutes passed in a particular year, simply search for the year e.g. 1758 in the search bar and select 'legislation' from the drop down filter: 

Amendments and Amending items

Go to amended items to see which Acts have amended the legislation you are viewing:

All legislation is displayed as enacted.

Amending Items presents you with a list of legislative documents that have affected the legislation, detailing whether it amended or repealed the Act you are viewing.