CELEX Numbers

What are CELEX numbers?

CELEX is the documentation system for EU documents, produced by the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (EUR-OP). 

CELEX numbers are the unique reference numbers assigned to EU documents on CELEX.

You can use CELEX numbers within JustisOne by simply typing the CELEX number into the main search box.

If you are using the EU Advanced Search form, please type the CELEX number into the 'Reference' field.

CELEX numbers are made up of the following component parts:

Sector (1 number) + Year (4 numbers)* + Document Type (1 or 2 letters) + Document Number (3-4 numbers)

For example, the CELEX number for Van Gend en Loos is 61962CJ0026, which breaks down as follows:

So, we can see that 61962CJ0026 is the ECJ’s judgment in case number 26 from the year 1962.

*NOTE: Judgments of the Court of Justice on a reference for a preliminary ruling will take as their CELEX Year the year in which the reference was received by the Court, which is unlikely to be the same as the year the eventual judgment was published.

Some other examples of CELEX numbers are:

  • 31993L0013 – Directive 93/13/EEC
  • 11957E086 – Article 86 of the Treaty of Rome
  • 91993E1112 – Written question 1112 from the year 1993

If you have any questions regarding CELEX numbers, please contact our support team.