Cited Cases

Cited Cases Tab

The “Cited Cases” tab shows how a case has treated cases that came before it, ordered by treatment type (beginning with any positive or negative treatments). By clicking on the button next to a cited case all mentions of the case will be highlighted in the judgment.

What are Cited Cases?

Cited Cases are the cases which are referred to in the judgment of the case you're looking at. By default, these are sorted together by nature of treatment. JustisOne uses a traffic light system, which will highlight cases treated positively in green, neutrally in orange, and negatively in red. We go into more detail on this page by detailing the exact nature of the particular treatment.

How do I see where the citation appears within the case?

JustisOne features advanced markup tools. If you would like to see where a citation appears in the judgment of your case, click on the numbers to the right of the Citation card. This will highlight the citation in the body of the full text for you. If you highlight multiple citations simultaneously, they will be colour-coded so that you will be able to distinguish one from the other.